– Framsikt gives me the possibility to keep developing my technical skills

With over 13 years of experience working in the IT business, Venkataraman Kotipalle knows what’s important for him in a workplace: Being in an environment that allows you to grow both as a software engineer and as a person.  

juli 2022

– My brother started working at Framsikt first and that’s how I learned about the company. I saw how he developed his technical competence in Framsikt. At that time I worked at another company, and I felt like it did not allow me to grow my technical skills further, Venkat shares.  

He later got introduced to Framsikt and Rajesh Ethiraj, the leader of Framsikt Technologies in India. And in 2017 he started working at Framsikt himself.  

To av Framsikt sine kvinnelige traineer som går tur i fjellet i Vesterålen

«I like that the workplace gives me the possibility to also bring up new ideas about how to develop better solutions for Framsikt customers»

New ideas give better solutions

– Framsikt gives me the possibility to still develop my technical skills. I am a “technological person”, and I like that the workplace allows me to bring up new ideas about how to develop better solutions for Framsikt customers.

Framsikt is a software company that develops a cloud-based financial planning and management product. The customers are Norwegian municipalities, and the company has over 180 municipalities using the product.  Framsikt AS is a subsidiary of Visma, one of the largest technology and SaaS companies in Europe. 

Helpful colleagues

–  Working with people located in different places, both in India and Norway, lets us grow as human beings as well. We have close contact with our colleagues in Norway. If we are in any doubt about how the solutions should work, they are very approachable and helpful. 

Framsikt has a yearly kickoff where the Indian and Norwegian teams get together. Because of the covid-19 pandemic, this has not been possible for the last couple of years. But this fall the whole company will be together again. The team in India is going to meet the rest of the team in Norway, at the main office located in the northern part of Norway. 

– Being connected as a team is one of the really good things about Framsikt, Venkat explains.  


«Working with people located in different places, both in India and Norway, lets us grow as human beings as well»

To av Framsikt sine kvinnelige traineer som går tur i fjellet i Vesterålen

Slowly coming back to the office

What does a normal workday look like for you? 

– I normally would work from our office in Bangalore, where I also live with my wife and child. Because of the corona situation, I have been working from home, which I still do. But we are slowly coming back to the office. I start the day by looking into stories that have been assigned to me, speaking to a few people at Framsikt about how we should approach the work we have been assigned, and then proceeding with the work. I go for regular breaks in between and often speak to our Norwegian team during the workday.  

Transparency in the company

What is the biggest difference, in your opinion, in working for a Norwegian company compared to an Indian company? 

– If we look into the Indian service-based companies, they all have the same pattern and go by the same rules. At Framsikt it’s a very different culture. There`s transparency at Framsikt between colleagues, you speak to your higher-level managers, and they appreciate your ideas. 

But also his mindset has changed since joining Framsikt, Venkat explains:

– Earlier I had a mindset that developers contribute more to the company. But it’s the business model where different entities (Sales, Marketing, Operations, Research & Development) are collectively involved that makes sure the company succeeds. This has changed my life as an individual as well.  

A good place to grow

Venkat got Framsikt recommended by his brother, and Venkat himself is in no doubt that he would recommend Framsikt as a workplace as well:

– I would absolutely recommend Framsikt as a workplace. It’s well cultured, with good standards when it comes to working, both socially and for you to grow technically. You’ll learn the different technologies that the Framsikt-system is built into and the different technologies the company works with.

About Venkataramana:

Age: 35
Department/title: Engineering Manager
Education: Engineering (Electrical)
Started in Framsikt: 2017

Framsikt har et stort fagmiljø som er spennende å være en del av

Med over 20 års fartstid fra Asker kommune, kjente Elin Fejerskov at tiden var inne for å prøve noe nytt. Valget falt på Framsikt, og nå brukes erfaringen fra kommunal økonomi- og virksomhetsstyring til å sikre at systemet møter kommuner og fylkeskommuner sine behov.

Vil bidra til å gjøre hverdagen i kommunen bedre

For Sissel handler jobben i Framsikt til syvende og sist om at mennesker skal ha et godt liv. Da føles det verdifullt som siviløkonom å kunne bidra til at kommuner og fylkeskommuner kan få bedre flyt i arbeidsprosesser, oversikt og mulighet til å legge gode planer som kommer innbyggerne til gode.

Yngve startet som trainee, nå jobber han med Framsikts største kunder

Startup-bedrift, økonomi og IT var stikkordene som lokket Yngve Byrkjeland til Bø i Vesterålen og en traineestilling i Framsikt i 2017. Framsikt som selskap har vokst stort siden den gang, og både arbeidstittel og arbeidssted har forandret seg for Yngve. Heldigvis kan han forsikre om at kulturen fra «startup-bedriften» har bestått.

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